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Our pure and natural sandalwood Santalum album oil is extracted from the rich heartwood of the of the Santalum album tree throughsteam-distillation. The oil is pale and vicious, with a remarkably soft, sweet, and woody odor. Indonesian sandalwood oil alsoretains balsamic and animal-like undertones, adding further complexity to this luxurious material.


In fragrance, sandalwood hasbeen used for almost everything, from floral perfumery to masculine colognes. Indonesian sandalwood’s versatility, paired with itsaromatic complexity, has made it a long-term staple of the fragrance, aromatherapy, flavours, cosmetics and skincare products. It‘s aromatic, fixative and medicinal properties have been known and treasured for centuries and now the oil is available from a truly ethical and sustainable source.


No synthetics, fragrances, fillers or toxic chemicals

GC/MS batch-tested to ensure quality, safety & effectiveness

Ethically and sustainably sourced





Botanical Source : Santalum album
Appearance : Yellow Liquid
Part Used : Wood
CAS : 8006-87-9
FEMA : 3005
EINECS : 616-898-8
EXTRACTION : Steam Distillation

Our Sandalwood Oils
Grade A
Grade B

Soft, sweet and wood odor

Harvest Schedule
All Year

We use Alumunium Bottle 1kg, 5kgs & 30kgs
Other packaging is available upon request



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