We want to move towards a world where everyone can live well and be in peace with nature.
For Mignon Sista, being a socially responsible company also means acting in an ethical and transparent manner.
Business of the Future
Mignon Sista is committed to sustainable and profitable development to find a balance between economic growth, respect for people, and environmental protection, all of which are essential for the long-term existence of our company.



The Environment
Sustainable business practice for better tomorrow
Customer Interest
Ensuring healthy food for better life
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Our strategy:

1. Act and operate ethically and responsively
2. Ensure responsible management of our products
3. Care about our collaborators
4. Promote sustainability along our value chain
Social responsibility has gradually been integrated into our business model. We assume our responsibility towards our stakeholders, both internally and with our external partners but more broadly, towards civil society and our natural environment.


Our Business

Business Ethics
Mignon Sista is committed to comply with laws and regulations, and in the ambition to operate with honesty, integrity and fairness in all types of transactions and interactions.
Liana Hardiyanto
Code of Conduct


Marcell Syauta

Operation Director

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phone : +62 21 8671068 / +62 21 86863238

Code of conduct PDF : download here


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